National Hispanic Heritage Month – an American Celebration

This week marks the middle of National Hispanic Heritage Month, which is designed to celebrate the contributions of Hispanic Americans to American society, economy and culture. For many large national organizations, it provides a timely occasion to shed a little exposure onto our country’s Hispanic American community.

You already know that for us at Geoscape, the importance of Hispanic contributions isn’t exactly a one-month pursuit for us. But it does provide an opportunity for me to share my thoughts about the Hispanic community in the U.S.

Celebrating and honoring our cultural history as Hispanics is always a valuable thing to do. But in honoring our past, we may lose sight of our community’s present and future as Americans.

Hispanic Heritage Month is not a Latin American holiday – it is an American celebration, observed by those of us with Latino backgrounds living in the United States.  It is important that we honor our heritage, but many of us left our pasts in our respective home countries for a reason – because life is better here in America.   I love my home country of Mexico, but it has issues with corruption, crime and a very unequal distribution of wealth. I am in America to provide a better life for my family – I believe that nearly all Hispanic Americans would agree with those reasons for being here.

There are instances where we haven’t always been welcome in America, but that promise is fulfilled for many of us.  Many Hispanic Americans (Latinos/Chicanos) have given passionately to pave the way for current Latinos to enjoy greater civil liberties and we must acknowledge their contributions.  It continues to be better here. If it weren’t, many of us would have gone back. And as our studies on business contribution, spending and population growth attest – this community is not moving back. It is moving forward at a remarkable pace.

As Hispanics, let’s use this month to honor our heritage – but let’s also pay more attention to our present and future as valuable members and participants in the American society.  Our contributions will shape the nation’s future in a huge way – not just within the Hispanic American community, but within our entire community as Americans.

I’d love to hear your opinions on the subject.  Leave a Reply below and let’s open the dialog for all Hispanics.